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Hotel Arya Niwas - Hotel Arya Niwas is a popular, family managed hotel located in the heart of Jaipur. The hotel aims to provide quality accommodation at reasonable prices.


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...Our hotel is a treat, although rather more expensive than we had planned on, but we decided to stay and try for a cheaper "standard" room in the morning. It turned out to be the cleanest and most efficiently run hotel we come across in all our travels in India. There is a self-service restaurant with an open modern kitchen, and the food is good with plenty of choice...
- Travelogue of Denys Meakin, Canada
The hotel, Arya Niwas, was probably my favourite among the places I stayed in during the trip. It was clean, had great rooms with bed-linen and toilet paper and soap and papers provided daily and the beds made, a verandah and garden for people to meet and sit in, a restaurant with reasonable food (snacks, anyway), a shop with some craft items and lots of books and maps, phone, fax and Internet facilities, and friendly and helpful staff.
- Travelogue of Danny Yee
I accompanied a Dutch couple that I met in Sawi Madhopur to this hotel and we were all quite pleased. The rooms are quite large for the price... It staff was quite helpful and assisted me in planning daytrips around the Jaipur region and with getting bus tickets... The hotel has a large garden compound where you can sit and have tea...
- Paul2001's Tips on Travel To India